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When inputting the source data for calculation with the help of our programs, some users working on the projects make mistakes. Most often they indicate the climatic conditions incompatible with the conditions of construction site or EIR, which could result in underestimating the loads on the constructions and danger of their damage. Use the data of weather stations and take into account the reference loads provided by EIR.

When replacing the ground wire with a different one or with an optic ground-wire cable, it often happens that the clearance between the wire and the cord in the span does not correspond to the requirements of table 2.5.16. of EIR.
The distance between the wire and the cord should also be checked in case of ice accumulation on the cord and absence of ice on the wires of the overhead line.

Special attention should be devoted to the correctness of the reference data for wires, cords, cables.
The incorrect data make the calculations worthless.



The following programs of LineS package were translated into English: LineMech (LineMechCad), LineCross (LineCrossCad), LineMount (LineMountCad) & damp, LineLoad. One can select the language for the interface as well as for calculation results. Download demo versions.


New versions of, LineNet04 и LineNet10/bt/Cad for calculating 0.4 and 10kV networks are issued. When selecting the loads there are their seasonal and annual charts. Download demo version.

Some of our products

Mechanical calculation of wires, cords, self-supporting cables of overhead communication and power lines

Calculation of crossings between overhead communication and power lines with engineering objects and natural obstacles

Calculation of mounting stresses and sag for wires, cords, self-supporting cables of overhead power and communication lines

Calculation of balancing weights (ballasts), tearing forces affecting the attachment fittings of wires, cables

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