If you hew trees, the chips must fly. A great cause cannot do without a sacrifice.
The forests violated or poluted in the cource of construction, reconstruction and maintaining the linesare to be recultivated according to the norms of Russian Federation. Plant a tree.


On a globe:
55°02' north latitude; 82°55' east longitude.

Russian Federation,
630007, Novosibirsk, Communisticheskaya, 50, office 71

For postings:
Russian Federation,
630007, Novosibirsk, postal box 141

Telephone code: +7 (383)

For general questions:
Tel./fax: 218-81-40, 231-12-12, 231-02-13, 233-21-22
E-mail:: aist@linecross.ru, psoft@ngs.ru

For questions on programs’ application:

Tel./fax: 218-81-40, 231-12-12, 231-02-13, 233-21-22
E-mail:: support@linecross.ru