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The page is constantly updated. If you've got questions, write to our hotline.


If necessary, we can organize a Skype video conference call. All is needed for one participant is a headset and a microphone, for a group of participants a set of speakers, additional screen or a projector could be necessary.

Any questions on buying the programs or signing contracts could be addressed to the sales department of Ayteya Group of Companies:

Telephone/Fax: (383) 231-12-12, 218-81-40, 231-02-13, 233-21-22
E-mail: aist@unibase.ru - principle email.
E-mail: psoft@ngs.ru - backup email.


Any questions on using the programs could be addressed to us in the ways listed below:
Telephone/Fax: (383) 231-12-12, 218-81-40, 231-02-13, 233-21-22
E-mail: support@unibase.ru

If you’ve got any questions on inputting the source data into our programs, send the source data file and the reference catalog to us (if additions of changes were made) for revision.

If you don’t have enough experience in solving the design issues with the help of our programs, address your questions to us and you will receive the consultation of the programs’ developer.

Do not use the wires, cords, cables in reference to the ones from the reference books, not all the characteristics match anyway. The calculation for your project won’t be realistic.