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with the user of LineX series programs

1. Status of the License Agreement. The present License Agreement (hereunder the License) is a part of the agreement for the right of user agreement of LineX series programs. The License states the amount and ways of exploiting the programs delivered under the agreement, the rights owner of which is ProEnergoSoft Ltd., by the User. The rights of user attested by the License are limited by 12 calendar months. The License is not liable without the duly executed Registration Card constituting a part of the present License.

2. The present License Agreement provides nonexclusive rights of user that are not subjected to transfer to third-party persons for the LineX series programs, corresponding in number to the quantity of coded security keys for the program paid for and delivered to the User by the Rights Owner in order and on conditions stated by the present License Agreement. The License Agreement does not give the rights of ownership for the LineX series programs.

3. The Rights Owner delivers to the User the following rights on condition of compliance to all the clauses and terms of the present agreement:

3.1. It is allowed to install and use. i.e. start and give access to, the copies of LineX series programs on a computer, such as workstation, terminal or any other device, according to the coded security keys for the number of work places indicated in the Registration Card.
3.2. It is allowed to use the calculation results acquired with the help of LineX series programs for the User’s activity, documents and any publications. Any public presentation of the calculation results acquired with the help of LineX series programs should be accompanied with the following reference: “The present calculation result is acquired with the help of LineX program (follow the directions for each particular program)”.
3.3. The user has the right to save a copy of the program product of LineX series on a data storage device (for example, on a net server).
3.4. It is allowed to port any LineX series programs to a different workstation, copy it to any data carrier, provided the compliance with the terms.

4. When using the LineX series programs, the User is not allowed to:

4.1. Hack the technology, emulate, create new versions, change, decompile, disassemble, study the code of the LineX series programs in any other ways.
4.2. Distribute and use the program products modifying (changing) the source code of the products of LineX series.
4.3. Perform other actions with the LineX series programs which could violate the copy rights of the Rights Owner, which entails the punishment in accordance with the effective laws of Russian Federation.

5. The present LineX series programs are delivered “as-are” with all the possible malfunctions, hereby, the present agreement does not entail the responsibilities on conditions of proper use of the programs by the end-user.

6. Rights Owner utilizes all their experience, qualification and takes all the efforts so that the LineX series programs take into account the wishes of the users, correspond to the requirements of normative documents, however, they are not liable for the quality of the projects done by the User with the help of the LineX series programs under present agreement and do not bear any responsibility. Using the LineX series programs is at the User's risk, the Rights Owner shall not bear responsibility for any loss of profit or any other damage resulting from use or inability to use the LineX series programs.

7. The Rights Owner provides free of charge guarantee support, including hot-line consultations, for the delivered LineX series programs for 12 months after signing the commissioning act.

8. The present Agreement is considered made and becomes effective form the moment the User is delivered the LineX series programs.

9. The LineX series programs are protected by the federal law of Russian Federation for “The right of ownership and adjoining rights”, the law of Russian Federation for “The security of programs for electronic computers and databases”.