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Сalculation of 0.4 networks for voltage losses and short-circuit currents


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LineNet – program package for calculating power distribution networks for voltage losses and short0circuit currents.

The calculating algorithm of the programs has been proven effective by decades of its application in project institutions on different platforms, beginning with SM EVM (System of mini-computers developed in USSR in 1970-80s).

LineNet04 program is designated for calculating voltage losses, short-circuit currents and other parameters of electric networks of 0.4 with the option of selecting transformers capacity from 25 to 2500kVA, protection devices in the beginning of outgoing and sectionalizing lines.

The basic difference of the calculations by the program as compared to “manual” calculation is that the maximum loads on 10/0.4kV transformer substations are defined according to seasonal and daily charts of particular consumers.

The program allows selecting sectional areas for insulated and uninsulated wires, cables, provided the permissible voltage losses in the network are taken into account.
It is a perfect solution for storing the information on configuration and load on all the networks for each 10/0.4kV substation.
It gives an opportunity of tracking the changes and transmission capacity of networks, which is convenient when preparing technical tasks for connecting new consumers. It is easy to evaluate the voltage losses in a network and make decisions on its reconstruction. The program is useful for power auditing of enterprises and power-supplying organizations.


Figure 1

Protection devices are presented in the program by different automatic switchers, protecting switchgear, override switchgear, override circuit breaker.

The information on consumers is presented in the form of season-dependent loads charts, day and evening maximums.

The data on consumers are given in the reference catalog and in the menu of the program.


Figure 2

The calculation results show the input and accepted for the project types and sectional areas of wires, cables, transformer’s capacity, protection settings. In the end, there are data on the necessary amount of wires, cables of particular types and sectional areas.


Figure 3

Besides the basic calculation results, the program gives the calculation results for currents, voltage, voltage losses for particular sectors (components).

  Figure 4

 Figure 5


Figure 6

For more details see User Guide (description, application) which could be downloaded with the demo version.