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Program for calculating alientaion

Program for calculating alientaion of earth for power transmission lines
The program is ported from DOS upon customers’ requests.

LineS – program package for designing overhead communication and power transmission lines (OHL, FOCL OHL, FOCL). The calculating part of the program has been used since 1985 beginning with SM-4 EVM (System of mini-computers developed in USSR in 1970-80s).

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LineEarth is designated for calculation alienation of earth for terminal or temporary use for construction and maintaining cable and overhead power transmission lines.
The program provides a reference catalog of supports where the necessary areas of alienation of earth are calculated for overhead power transmission lines. Additionally, the program performs calculation the necessary works on snow removal.

LineEarth program allows to:
1.    Prepare the registry of alienated earth areas.
2.    Prepare tables of areas and necessary works on snow removal.
The register of earth alienation is comprised based on the «Rules for defining earth plots’ dimensions for overhead power transmission lines and communication lines’ supports” N 486, affirmed by Russuan Federation government 11.08.2003 and “Norms of earth allocation for electric networks of 0.38-750 kV” N 14278 тм-т1.

The source data for calculation are the materials from the line route investigation and data of supports spotting.

The first of forms for calculation results:

For more details see User Guide (description, application) which could be downloaded with the demo version.