If you hew trees, the chips must fly. A great cause cannot do without a sacrifice.
The forests violated or poluted in the cource of construction, reconstruction and maintaining the linesare to be recultivated according to the norms of Russian Federation. Plant a tree.

LineGlade (ЛайнГлейд)

Program for calculating deforestation glade

Program for calculating deforestation glade for line objects

LineS is a software package for designing overhead power and communication lines (OHL, FOCL OHL. FOCL). The calculating algorithm of the programs has been proven effective by decades of its application in project institutions on different platforms, beginning with SM EVM (System of mini-computers developed in USSR in 1970-80s).

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LineGlade program is designated for calculating deforestation glade dimensions for construction, reconstruction, power lines maintenance, communication lines, roads, pipelines and other linear facilities.

For overhead power lines the width of the glade is defined by the user according to 2.5.206. – 2.5.209. of EIR. The width of the glade is deliberately indicated both on the left and on the right side form the line route, especially for one-chain overhead lines where the length of cross-arms on the left and on the right could be diferent.
For overhead lines and other line objects only partial deforestation on either side of the line route axis could be possible when the deforestation line covers the edge of the forest area. If there should be some shrubbery, the width of the glade could be narrowed as compared to the width of the main glade in the forest area, which is taken into account by the program.

LineGlade program allows to:
1.    define the area and the volume of work for a deforestation glade.
2.    define the volume of merchantable wood and firewood per each owner of the forest area and for the project on the whole.
Basic data for calculation are the results of the line route studies, that include the data of the forest area taxation. The materials of the line route studies usually contain the forest area data according to table 1-8 ФЕР-2001-01.

The area of deforestation is calculated in ha for each owner based on the glade width and piquets of the forest boundaries considering the size and thickness characteristics of the forest.
The area in ha, according to classification of forest in 1-8 ФЕР-2001-01 table is calculated as a number of trunks, amount of industrial and fuel wood. Stumps’ rooting out should be done either for the entire width of the glade or for the width of transport passage, 4.5meters by default.

The first of the three forms for calculation results:

For more details see User Guide (description, application) which could be downloaded with the demo version.