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LineNetGeo (LineGeo)

Maps of electric networks in 2gis

The system preparing maps of electric networks in 2GIS is a new stage in development of programs calculating power distribution networks, not only for their design, but also for accounting, tracking the state of the networks by their owners and maintaining organizations.
There are two versions of LineGeo system:

1. Presenting all the 0.4-500kV power transmission lines and substations with their characteristics without calculation.
2. The same with calculation of voltage losses and short-circuit currents for 0.4 and 10kV networks, see LineNet04 and LineNet10Cad programs.

The final map of electric networks looks as follows (example for a town-house community in Novosibirsk):

The violet line – 10kV, grey – 0.4kV, blue – 110kV. 
Particular colors for voltage are chosen according to СТО 56947007-

The demo version (power supply of the town-house community) shows the project of 0.4 and 10kV lines. The lines are almost mounted, some town-houses and finalized and lived at, some are either being built or not marked on the map as a place for construction yet.
Thus, the project could be considered as a plan for the community development.
If we leave on the map only those town-houses that are built or being built, we can see the current state of the community. By saving the map as a new LineGeo file, we can track the changes, plan and consider new consumers.

Results. For one and the same territory ii is possible to:
1.    Have the map of the present-state power supply scheme.
2.    Plan and show future development.

Networks of any voltage could be drawn on the maps, this is why it is necessary for all owners and maintaining organizations to account current and future 35-500kV lines and substations, with the description of their elements’ characteristics, supports, their codes and numbers.

The map is as clean as it could be, some indicators could be switched off/on. General characteristics are shown either in pop-up windows or in “Properties” menu of the elements. 

LineGeo allows calculating only power distribution networks of 0.4 and 10kV of large cities, towns. Only external power supply networks are considered. 

LineNetGeo (LineGeo) demo version is created on 2GIS map of Novosibirsk. Download the archive, unpack it and run the demo version module SetupLineGeoDemo(v 1.0).exe. Your computer will be checked for 2GIS application and maps of Novosibirsk, which could be installed, if necessary, according to the instructions. 

After installing the dome-version start or re-start 2GIS. There will be a new tab in the menu, LineGeo.

In February, 2015, upon the request of TumeEnergo organization, the demo version of the system preparing electric networks’ maps for Surgut was released. The installation instructions are the same.

SetupLineGeoDemo(v 2.0).exe

This part of the entire map shows 0.4, 10kV lines, 0.4/10kV transformer substations (below), 110kV lines and substations, 500kV lines ans substations (above). Mouse-click on any element of the scheme calls up windows with their characteristics.

For more details see Readme_DemoLineGeo and User Guide (description, application of the system) that are installed together with the demo version.