If you hew trees, the chips must fly. A great cause cannot do without a sacrifice.
The forests violated or poluted in the cource of construction, reconstruction and maintaining the linesare to be recultivated according to the norms of Russian Federation. Plant a tree.


LineS - program package for designing overhead power and communication lines (OHL, FOCL OHL, FOCL). The calculating part of the program has been used since 1985 beginning with SM-4 EVM (System of mini-computers developed in USSR in 1970-80s).

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The following programs of LineS package were translated into English: LineMech (LineMechCad), LineCross (LineCrossCad), LineMount (LineMountCad) & damp, LineLoad. One can select the language for the interface as well as for calculation results. Download demo versions.


New versions of, LineNet04 и LineNet10/bt/Cad for calculating 0.4 and 10kV networks are issued. When selecting the loads there are their seasonal and annual charts. Download demo version.


New version of LineMount (LineMountCad) & damp for calculating mounting stresses and sag is issued. Now it is possible to imports databases from Excel file.


In new version of LineS package programs LineMech (LineMechCad), LineCross (LineCrossCad), LineMount (LineMountCad) & damp, LineLoad the reference catalog is amplified with new wires. The catalog itself is updated.


The limitations that prevented using LineNet10btCad program calculating 10kV networks for 6, 10, 20kV feeders at the scale of a city, region are romoved are removed. Moreover, it allows having as a result a single-lign diagrams and not just separate lines.


State Expertize of Kazakhstan Republic
Steate Rebublic Enterprise “State Extradepartamental Expertise of Projects” of Kazakhstan Republic after evaluating and validating out programs for electric and mechanical calculation by the central agency armed the regional State Expertise affiliates of Kazakhstan Republic with them. This serves as recognition of our work for project expertise.


After the users’ requests interface changes are made to the program for calculationg 0.4kV electric networks LineNet04.


In new versions of LineS package programs LineMech (LineMechCad), LineCross (LineCrossCad), LineMount (LineMountCad) & damp, LineLoad are supplemented with the option of inputting permissible loads (stresses) to the source data, which is convenient especially when inputting the data for fiber optic cables. The user interface is updated as well, which shortens the time spent on projects.


Attention! New product!
Refining the programs for calculating 0.4, 10kV distribution networks (LineNet10, LineNet04) for voltage losses and shor-circuit currents has led us to creating a new product – “Maps and charts of electrc networks in 2GIS”, LineGeo, which is used not only for design, but also for accounting and tracking the networks by their owners and maintaining organizations. Download demo version.


Upot users’ requests, the program for calculating earth alienation LineEarth is brought back to life. Download demo version.

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