Your wires and self-supporting cable will not be damaged! Your supports will not break!
Justify the stress (load) on your constructions correctly! Do not exceed the stress affecting the wire! Do not underrate the climatic influence!


Volume of “manual work” for all object Volume of work from column 1 in % being automated Project operations Result Description
3.0   Preparing schemes for calculating voltage losses and sort-circuit currents Calculating scheme agreed upon with the customer  
1.5   Defining climatic parameters for overhead lines of 0.4 and 10 kV Primary loads are selected for each substation defining the chart for loads are selected  
0.3   Defining the region for reference climatic conditions (RCC) and specifying the types and sectional areas of wires taking RCC into account    
6.0 5.0  Selecting the wires taking into account the voltage losses. Calculating short circuit currents The quality for end-consumer is provided. The source data for relay protection and substation automation are received. The draft is the scheme of the voltage levels, short-circuit currents View
9.5 9.0  Defining protection devices and places of their implementation. Calculating relay protection and substation automation The draft is the reference scheme with the data for relay protection and substation automation setups on protective equipment (head protection, automatic transfer switch, and sectionalizing View
0.1   Making decision on supports’ material, selecting the type for normal supportsv    
5.0 4.0  Defining reference spans. Mechanical calculation of spans The tension (stress) in the wire is accepted. The overall span is defined View
10.0 4.0 Supports-spotting on the line route profile, selecting additional types of supports, taking into account engineering and geological conditions and crossings with engineering objects. Calculation of crossings with engineering objects and natural obstacles. Spotting of the supports is complete View
6.5 6.0 Calculation of mounting stresses and sag of wires. Drawing the sagging curves. Especially important when using self-supporting insulated wires View
7.0   Calculating supports’ consolidation in the ground. Preparing layout plans for supports consolidation Finalized layout plans for supports’ consolidation in the ground  
2.0 1.5  Calculating alienation of earth for overhead lines’ route. Preparing the register of earth alienation for overhead lines’ route Register of earth alienation View
1.0 0.9  Calculating and preparing a register for deforestation glade Register for deforestation glade View
2.4   Defining the values for ground resistance and selecting constructions for grounding devices for overhead lines Drafts for grounding devices  
4.0 3.5  Selecting materials for constructions of the object   View
2.0 2.0  Preparing a register for materials demand   View
3.0 2.5  Selecting equipment (fittings, insulators and transformer substations) for constructions of the object   View
2.0 1.5  Preparing specification of the equipment   View
4.0 3.5 Selecting equipment for constructions of the object   View
2.0 1.8 Preparing specification for constructing equipment   View
0.5   Selecting and preparing a register for composite concrete and reinforced concrete constructions   View
0.2 0.1 Defining the necessary works on snow removal of areas for assembling the supports Defining the works for an estimate View
0.1   Preparing estimates for a land lot allocation; for implementing the line route    
2.5   Defining the necessary works for the object according to price-lists for estimates Works for estimators  
9.0 8.0  Calculating and preparing estimates Program for preparing automated estimates  
1.0   Preparing an explanatory note for the object    
0.2   Preparing the passport for the object    
0.5   Preparing “Construction organization” section of the project    
10.0   Preparing the basic layout plans Plan of the line route, drawings of crossings, basic data, etc.  
0.2   Preparing finalizing materials for the project, list of layout plans, tags, invoice, estimate    
4.0   Project release: making copies, kitting, execution, sending to the customer