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Volume of “manual work” for all object Volume of work from column 1 in % being automated Project operations Result Description
1.0   Selecting supports' construction and wire's sectional area    
2.0 1.9  Mechanical calculation of wires and cords   View
1.2 0.6 Selecting and specifying reference spans (overall, wind, weight, for swing crossing, for distance between
wire and cord)
0.1   Preparing supports-spotting pattern    
12.0   Spotting of supports on the line route profile considering engineering and geological    
1.0 0.5  Calculating equivalent spans    
5.0 3.5 Calculating crossings with engineering objects, verifying the spotting of the supports according to
corrected pattern, defining actual weight spans and comparing them to permitted values
3.0 2.0  Verifying the stability of supporting insulator strings influenced by wind and at lowest temperature
(calculating balancing loads)
1.5   Preparing supports-spotting profiles of overhead lines and plans for overhead lines' approach to substations    
0.5   Filling in the supports-spotting catalog    View
0.31   Verifying the possibility of using different metal supports for particular conditions    
0.5   Collecting all kinds of loads for all intermediate supports, with the cord, without the cord, for all range of spans (up to 15 calculations)    
0.44   Calculating consolidation of all kinds of intermediate supports according to the type of deformation    
10.0 9.5  The same for stability Stand-alone supports are consolidated View
0.68   Selecting the type of consolidation for all intermediate supports considering the required characteristics of the ground for each type and span, as well as estimating actual and equivalent characteristics of the ground for each support, based on the results of two calculations and drafts for consolidation    
0.31   The same for intermediate supports at special conditions: swamps, flood-lands, ice mound, etc. based on drafts and particular layout plans in some cases    
0.31   Sorting out the loads influencing angle, strain, dead-end, transient supports, collecting the loads influencing branch supports    
0.62   Calculating consolidation of strain-angle and transient supports based on drafts and preparing particular layout plans in some cases    
0.52   Calculating the necessary volume of works for consolidating all kinds of supports    
0.31   Comparing the register for supports’ consolidating with the necessary volume of work    
2.5 1.8 Calculating earth alienation for the overhead line route, preparing the register for earth alienation   View
1.9 1.8 Calculating and preparing the register for deforestation glade   View
0.9   Preparing “basic data” section for “supports-spotting” part of the project    
3.0   Sorting out the values for ground resistance and selecting constructions of grounding devices    
1.0   Preparing “basic data” section for “supports and foundations” part of the project    
2.0 1.5 Preparing specifications for building constructions   View
2.5 2.0 Selecting equipment, fittings, insulators, vibration dampers, ballasts, and preparing their registers   View
2.0 1.5  Calculating mounting stresses and sag for the wire and cord   View
1.5 1.4 Preparing specification for equipment   View
1.0   Preparing “basic data” section for “mounting of the line” part of the project    
8.0   Preparing detailed drafts of crossings with engineering objects    
0.5   Preparing “basic data” section for “crossing obstacles” part of the project    
0.3 0.2 Defining the necessary works on snow removal on the areas for supports’ construction   View
9.0   Sorting out the necessary volume of works to prepare estimates    
10.0 6.0  Calculating and preparing estimates for 35kV overhead lines Program for preparing automated estimates  
10.0 1.5  Calculating and preparing estimates for 110kV overhead lines Program for preparing automated estimates  
2.0   Preparing explanatory note for the project    
0.5   Preparing the passport of the project    
2.1 1.5  Comprising the passport and the register of necessary materials for the trust   View
3.5   Preparing the “construction organization” section    
0.5   Comprising a list of drafts, tags, invoice, estimate    
4.0   Preparing the orders for copying – folders, layout plans